Container loading and unloading

Handling of goods is done both with handling machines (pallets, crates) and manually (cartons, pieces). Loading and unloading is mostly done over hydraulic ramps, directly to trucks. This is the way how to maximally speed up loading operations when big volumes of cargo are concerned. Further to that, it is also possible to make loading and unloading directly on the inside warehouse area, or on the outside area in front of the warehouse. It is driven by volume/weight characteristics of goods and type of transportation means. Vans, lorries and even big trucks can enter the warehouse for loading through big gates (5 x 6 m). Size of the gates even enables a crane to enter and manipulate heavy cargo or extra voluminous cargo.

Palletized or loose cargo

We perform manual loading or unloading of containers. Unloaded cargo is usually palletized and can be stored in racks. We also do direct transshipments of palletized of loose goods from one vehicle to another. Also immediate sorting of received cargo, shipments completion and consequent distribution (cross-docking) is possible. Last but not least, we perform picking by pieces according to client’s orders and subsequent completion, packing and dispatch of shipments (Pick & Pack service).