Labelling, sampling, quality inspection

Value-added services, such as labelling or re-packing are standard part of our service portfolio. Client can delegate on us all activities directly connected with goods handling, those activities which would otherwise need to be done by itself, often in a complicated manner, by deploying its own staff or some external resources.

We can:

  • arrange labels printing according to your requirements, including barcode and pictogram printing,
  • label your goods, from very small quantities up to hundreds of thousands of pieces, via process that is tailor-made to suit client’s needs,
  • quality inspection (visual check, random inner check, complete inner check,
  • sorting,
  • sampling (take samples of received goods and send them to designated addresses),
  • weigh your goods on our digital scale.
  • insert documents into retail packaging (user manuals, warranty lists, etc…) including their printing

We perform re-packing from master cartons to retail packages (for instance to shop-floor displays for retail chains), packing for marketing and promotional purposes, packing of e-shop orders, co-packing, or kitting.