Space and offices for rent

On request, we can offer short and long-term rental of our warehouse space, of different areas. On such rented areas, clients can either operate by their own, or with the assistance of our personnel and equipment. For instance loading/unloading of cargo from trucks by our people, with further manipulation on rented space done by the client’s staff.

If requested, we can (at client´s expense) arrange fencing of the rented area, alternatively we can provide a lockable room, usually by providing inner office unit. We have prepared additional 3700 sqm for immediate construction as per customers request. It is also possible to rent our handling equipment or wrapping machine.

As the part of the warehouse rental, we can provide accessorial services, such as:

  • Internet connectivity
  • Electronic security
  • CCTV recording
  • Weighting
  • Waste disposal (common, or assorted, or special treatment waste)
  • Sale or rental of pallets of different types
  • Sale of packing materials

Tenant is obliged to follow health & safety rules and common operational procedures of the warehouse. Long term tenants are offered a possibility to rent an office space in the administrative building as well, with possibility to place your company seat there.