Warehouse Management System (WMS)

We use a professional warehouse management system (WMS) for the electronic stock keeping. Every movement within the warehouse (receipt, release, relocating) is recorded into our information system. Our system follows goods releasing principles defined by each customer (FIFO, FEFO, LIFO). As a part of our stock keeping records, we can register various parameters defined by a client (such as EAN code, supplier code, customer code, serial number, batch number, expiration date, etc.).

We can make our WMS compatible with any system of our customers, by setting up our own interfaces for data interchange, reaching even beyond common EDI standards. When implementing EDI between our and your systems, we are ready to provide you with professional advisory based on our experience and on the know-how of our IT professionals.

1D and 2D code scanning / BARCODE, QR CODE

The automated receiving and processing of client`s orders by our WMS makes the whole process more efficient and generates cost savings on both sides. A use of 1D/2D scanners diminishes a risk of human failures. We can work both the BARCODE as well as QR codes.

Our clients are regularly provided with electronic reports on their goods movements and status. We regularly compare stock data between our WMS and the system of a client, and resolve possible discrepancies. Periodical stock-taking (both physical and administrative) are matter of fact, with frequencies agreed with our clients.